About Us

We are kids, we are monsters.

We collaborate with, and nurture, the world’s best creative talent. Through our offices in Barcelona and Madrid, and studios in Los Angeles, we produce commercials, music videos and digital content for a global audience. Working with the best talent in the business both internally and externally, we’ve created memorable stories and characters. Our roster of professionals covers a variety of animation styles and editing/filming techniques;

As a company we fuse history and expertise with a forward-looking desire to constantly evolve and break new ground be it creatively or technologically. Our ads have gone viral, won awards, been selected for festivals like Cannes and played all around the world. One of our commercials was even selected by NASA and Google to be included in a time capsule to be shared with future generations. We work with strong narratives, and a cinematic style to create emotional appeal, art pieces that are heart-warming and uplifting.

Simon Cohen

Actor - scriptwriter

The lobby

Audio studio production

Matias Zabalegui

Creative director

Alberto Morago


Nicole Pearson


German Mairen

Filmmaker - director

some of Our Clients